N.Y.C.A.A.S.C. launch

Written by Leisure / General

After some changes form the original site design, NYCAASC has been launched. On launch day it received roughly 400+ unique visitors. I’m very impressed since it reached that benchmark only through word of mouth (rather than search engine results).

I never considered gender inequality while designing the site nor did I make the code easy to read for someone trying to edit it. Realistically, those are things I need to think about when designing the site. For that reason I changed the header of the site. Since I was too lazy to implement CSS. I made the header and footer be images rather than style sheets.

On another hand, I am also happy that I still am able to code HTML despite not practicing for some time. Even though the site has a more pastel like feel, I am proud of what I did. Which reminds me. I was quite disappointing when I had to change the registration page theme from the original one. Apparently, the event director wanted to make some changes to the page, and instead of letting me do the changes, he sent me an entirely different page plugin. Eh, no biggie.

I am considering going to the event on April 21st to photograph some of the speakers as well as expose myself to a new environment and maybe meet some new people. I’ll see how it goes.