NYCAASC coding project

Written by Leisure / General

I was asked to do write some code for New York City’s Asian American Student Conference, and of course I agreed. This the first time I had to write code outside of school and outside of blogging. I am currently building the site from scratch and my deadline is April 1st. I should be done way before then though.

I was recommended by Brendan Feng to one of the Committee members. I will be meeting with him next week to discuss the details of the site. So far I was informed that the site needs to feature not only information about the organization, but it needs to allow for user input as well. Luckily, I am simultaneously learning PHP, and user input should not be an issue.

I am recycling some of the old material from the site, but am primarily using new content as well. I want the site to have a new and fresh feel. I will stick to the color theme in the graphics of the press theme I was sent. The rest is up to my imagination.