Endicott college volleyball tournament

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I returned back from the Endicott college volleyball tournament today. We beat 4 teams in 3 stets to continue our winning streak. Currently, we have won the last 16 games and are playing our next game on Tuesday against Brooklyn College.

This was probably the best away tournament I have ever had during my time at Hunter College (aside from the one at Princeton). We played very well and pretty much knew we were going to beat every team we played (after we beat Rivier – who was nationally ranked). Though we were missing Jerin, Carl and Colin, we pulled through to take every team in three sets.

After beating Rivier and Hilbert, we headed over to Applebees for some dinner. Shorty after, we were driven back to the Comfort Inn where we spent the night. On Sunday morning we faced SUNYIT and Southern Vermont. Again, to reiterate, we beat both teams in three sets.

Overall, we were a great unit. At times, some of us were a bit out of it (due to soreness or frustration), but the rest of the team managed to help each other out and fill up for the work of the distressed player. With a victory over one ranked team this weekend, we will face Stevens on Saturday, and will have yet another chance to move up in the rankings.