Princeton Volleyball Tournament

Written by Friends, Volleyball

Just arrived home from the Dillon Invitational Tournament at Princeton University. Gotta say it was probably one of the most entertaining tournaments I have ever attended. Team bonding, no coaches, great playing, positive attitude, and traveling together were just a small part of the awesomeness.

I am proud to say that we took one set from NJIT, one set from New Paltz, two sets from Hassnet as well as two sets from Princeton Orange. Considering we did not have many of our starters on the team, and managed to do as well as we did, convinced me that motivating each other and playing to as a single unit is very important. Since we were each able to contribute our opinions on the court, we were able to help each other. Can’t wait to play in the Stevens University tournament in two weeks.

On our way home we decided to stop by Princeton’s hockey rink. We watched a close game between Princeton and Colgate University. The hockey game was followed by an entertaining ride home. 2012 season here we come!