Misty night in Astoria Park

Written by Leisure / General, Tania, Video

After grabbing dinner, Tania and I headed over to Astoria Park to check out the passing mist. I don’t think I have seen such a mist except from my trip to PA. I grabbed some shots with my point and shoot and we drove back home. Tania also used some of here exposures of the black and white film.

As we were walking back from the park to the car, we saw a car turning the corner and flashing its lights at us. As the car was halfway through the turn the driver honked at us. I noticed someone in the passenger seat waving at me. I thought it was someone trying to fool with us, but as the car drove away I noticed a volleyball sticker on it’s rear windshield. I thought one of the two people would text me to identify themselves, but I thought wrong. I then sent texts to the people I thought it could be, but my luck was short. Maybe I will find out when I get back to school tomorrow.