Igloo Cafe

Written by Recipes / Food

I returned to the Igloo Cafe today with Tania to get a bite to eat. We sat in one of their comfy booths as we ate our dinner. I ordered a deluxe bacon cheeseburger with waffle fries, while Tania had a wrap along with some waffle fries as well.

My boss had introduced me to this place a while ago, and I have to say today was not as I remembered it. For starters, the waiter laughed at us when I questioned why Tania was not having waffle fries. Secondly, Tania’s wrap was missing the guacamole and was therefore very dry. When we stated this to our waiter he replied, “Well, it’s not my fault, the chef must have forgot to put it in”. Giving both the chef and the waiter the benefit of the doubt, it was still a bit hard accept this miscommunication since two tables next to us were complaining about their orders as well. Also, the ratio of waffle fries on my plate to that on Tania’s was significantly different.

It was even more irritating when one of the owners kept walking to every table to find out if everything was alright. I wish he had heard the tone of his employees. Now, I initially thought this was a decent place to grab a bite, but after this incident I will think twice before attending.

2226 31st Street Queens, NY 11105

  • Food Rating: 5/10
  • Service: 3/10
  • Atmosphere: 6/10
  • Overall Rating: 5/10