Tania’s first film shoot

Written by Photography, Tania

Tania’s first roll of film ended up a lot better than mine. After giving her the Nikkormat a few months a go, she finally managed to get through 24 exposures. Though she admitted to have improperly metered for light, to our surprise, most of the images were fairly well exposed.

Most of her images are very well done. I had mentored her a bit before handing the camera over to her and she seems to have improved quite a bit. I recall how easy it was for me to understand exposure after practicing rather than reading it in a book or having it told to me. A rookie mistake was that most of her subjects were dead center in the screen, but that will change after looking through the viewfinder for some time.

Though it’s not in focus, I like this shot a lot. She told me that since it was getting dark she had no choice but to shoot at a slower shutter speed. I actually love how the grass in the foreground is out of focus. It reminds me of a wheat field. If it wasn’t for the lights in the back, I would not be able to tell tell that a long shutter speed was used (considering it is mostly always windy at Flushing Meadow Lake).

I especially admire the image of her dog, Sugar. It looks almost as though it is painted. The image of the flower peeking out the window also has a nice feel to it.

I bought Tania a 36 exposure count film roll for her to go through. Hope this one does not take as long as the first one did.