The shots are in

Written by Photography

Just received the the images from the photo lab. Unfortunately, I forgot I was dealing with an old piece of equipment, and shot at night without a flash. Therefore most of my images were underexposed and gray. I felt bad for the lab having to print these images, but I had to see the results in order to learn from them. Since I bought two films I have to get through the second roll as well. I will use the next 24 exposures outdoors in bright sunlight. Hopefully that helps.

I especially adore image 3. The composition was perfect. I was at the Verrazano Bridge, saw a couple and decided to take the shot. Though it is difficult to depict, the shot is comprised of the bridge along with a couple blocking the reflection of the bridge’s light from the water. I have to admit that I did enjoy the experience of shooting with film, and feel confident that the next roll will end up better than this one.