Website fails to start after Proxmox backup

Written by Technology

Over time I’ve used several hypervisors. I started with VirtualBox (a Type 2 Hypervisor) which ran on a Ubuntu VM. At the time of this writing I am using Proxmox (Type 1 Hypervisor) which runs directly on the hardware I installed it on.

Proxmox is great and has a lot of features. I enjoy being able to backup my VMs and LXCs (containers) on a schedule. However, I sometimes find that once this site backs up Proxmox fails to restore the VM to its working state.

I noticed that both php-fpm8.1 and nginx had issues starting up. This was revealed by running:

sudo service php8.1-fpm status
sudo service nginx status

After a bit of Googling I decided to modify both /etc/systemd/system/ and /etc/systemd/system/ by adding the following:




I have to admit I didn’t even read the documentation but it did the trick!