Switching to https

Written by Technology

This website now operates over https. This means all traffic which is sent to and from this website will be encrypted. This is accomplished by using certificates issued by a certificate authority. Every time you (or anyone) requests something from campoutkid, the server (campoutkid itself) sends you (your browser) a certificate (and public key) which your browser then validates against the certificate authority. Your browser then creates a session key (which it created using the public key from campoutkid). This session key is then sent back to the server (campoutkid) which is then decrypted using the private key located on the server. At this point an encrypted connection is established between you and the server!!! Why is this important? This prevents any eavesdropping between you and the server. In the “real world” this is more useful for sites which exchange personal info (credit cards, logins, etc) with its visitors. Using SSL over https is not super necessary on campoutkid, however search engines (like Google) rank sites which operate over https higher than those which dont. This ranks campoutkid higher in search engine results (more visitors!!). Also, give a bit more peach of mind when logging in. In particular whenever I log into the site to add posts I know that my connection to the server will be secure!