Starting with Kubernetes and Docker in Peekskill

Written by Nature, Tania, Technology

Tania and I headed upstate today to enjoy some time away from the city. The was planning on reading (for nursing school) while I was going to get started on learning Kubernetes and Docker to make effective use of my new Intel NUC. We left early and arrived around 11am. It was perfect timing as the storm we encountered while driving there was just coming to an end at that time.

I started the day wrapping up some configurations on the NUC. For starters I mounted a NFS (RAID 1) drive to it which I will use for backups. I have webmin installed on the server VM and it allows for quick and simple backups for databases and the filesystem (all done via a script + cron). In order to get the drive mounted I needed to install nfs-common:

sudo apt-get install nfs-common

I ran into an issue while connecting to the VMs outside my local network (quite frankly the problem might have also existed while in my local network, but I never actually experienced it.) The issue was that my ssh session would unexpectedly be “reset by peer”. I managed to find a fix however:

ssh {user}@{domain} -o ServerAliveInterval=60

This was a workaround which sends a null packet from the client to the server ever 60 seconds in order to keep the connection alive. Apparently the issue occurred when I failed to interact with the terminal. One final hiccup was that a newly created VM would have troubles communicating with the outside world. This was because a default gateway needed to be added via the route command:

sudo route add default gw

Once these issues were out of the way I could get to trying out Kubernetes and Docker, but before then Tania and I enjoyed some food and the peaceful scene.

I didn’t manage to get as much accomplished as I’d like, however I feel I got to a good start. I will write a separate post explaining what I’ve learned.