A nice day off

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Tania and I went to grab some lunch at Tamashii Ramen in Long Island City. Felix invited me there yesterday and I fell in love with their Curry Ramen. I brought Tania there and ordered the same soup. Tania had the Ebi Tempura-don (rice bowl). After lunch we went to Dobb’s Ferry Waterfront Park where I got to try out the Holy Stone HS400 FPV Drone Felix got me:

I tried flying again later in the evening and got the below footage:

One important thing to note for drone flyers is that you MUST register your drone on the FAA website.

I’ve decided to add a technology category to the blog. I love tech. From programming to hardware technology is what I love for. I probably should added this category sooner as many of my posts are tech posts, but as they say, better late than never.