FOR SALE! – My Nike Air Jordan Collection

Written by Leisure / General

The time has come. I have had some of these kicks up in my closet for 10+ years. It’s time I let them go. My entire collection was purchased during my time at Aviation High School. It all started with the Air Jordan X. This was my first pair of Jordans. I remeber my mom bought them for me. I was so happy that I didn’t notice they were 1.5 sizes larger than my actual shoe size. My collection slowly grew. Throughout the years I kept picking up sneakers I really liked. It all ended around senior year when I picked up the Air Jordan XXIII.

I still remember camping out for the Titanium pair. It was cold and I was the first one on line 3 days before their official release date (in front of Niketown). I had no experience camping out. I dressed in as many layers as I could and stood outside the store. I didn’t have a chair, didn’t have water, or food. I just knew I wanted to be an owner of one of the 529 pairs being released (23 pairs across 23 stores). I got lucky as Niketown was nice enough to give us wristbands which reserved our spot in line. All we had to do was show up on the release date to claim a pair.

The following year my friends joined in and we all went to the NBA store a few days before the black/red Air Jordan 23 release. This time I wasn’t as lucky and had to wait outside for about 3 days. But in the end it was worth it. I am the only person I know (aside from sneaker stores) who has both pairs DS in a size 11.5.

Both these Air Jordan 23’s and every other shoe pictures above has been in my closet ever since. I don’t plan on wearing them, but find it hard to let them go. Before they reach the point of being unwearable (as my OG Air Jordan 8’s are) I figured I should sell them so someone else can keep them in their closet (or on their feet). I took a lot of pictures which should be enough in case I start having separation anxiety. I’ll keep them on my ebay account till they all sell.

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