Taking Austin to Randall’s Island

Written by Friends, Mom, Tania, Video

Tania and I drove over to Randall’s Island to meet my mom and my favorite dog on this planet; Austin.

We told my mom to pretend as though she does not know us to test if Austin remembered us. Unfortunately, he walked right past me and Tania. Way to forget us man!

Since it rained earlier in the day the island was completely deserted. All the fields were empty and there were only a few cars passing by every so often. This was the perfect opportunity to let him off his leash and run around with him.

He is so fast. I had to stop chasing him several times to catch my breath. After play time we continued to walk around the Island and finally made our way back to our car to drive him back to the into the upper east side.

On our way home we decided to drive past the new Kosciuszko Bridge. Since it was foggy the bridge was illuminated very beautifully. We got to see the old bridge right next to it. Apparently, it will be getting demolished soon.