3rd Bike rental from Eagle Rider

Written by Friends, Video

Felix and I rented the Honda CB500F at Eagle Rider (Howard Beach). We arrived at 9 am and left the dealership around 10:30am. The goal was to get Felix a bit more conformable on a bike since he didn’t feel as comfortable during out first rental. We were lucky to find a man named “Vinnie” who gave him a few extra pointers and let me use his bike so I wouldn’t have to run around the block as Felix was practicing. I must say Felix improved greatly. his confidence has improved and he looks a lot more comfortable throughout the ride. Since he plans on riding in the future I figure I could help out by teaching him the bit that I know before he takes a proper course. This way he has some experience under his belt before hopping on in the presence of a trainer (or MSF instructor).

We rode around Long Island. I was not familiar with the area but we went to Long beach, Jones beach and crossed several bridges. The bike was fun. The rental place did not have the Honda CBR300 available so this was the next thing in line. Luckily after a few hours Felix adapted.