2nd motorcycle rental – Harley Davidson Road King

Written by Tania, Video

Tania and I spontaneously decided rent a bike and take a trip somewhere upstate. She felt safer on a bigger bike (especially one with back support for the passenger) so we decided to go with the Harley Davidson Road King. This was my first time on a cruiser. I was a bit nervous but at the same time exited for the new experience. Tania was a bit nervous at first but managed to gather together some courage jump on as a passenger.

The bike was heavy, the clutch was heavy, each turn signal was on its respective handlebar (instead of both being on the right handlebar), there were extra switches, saddlebags, and a nice big windshield. Best of all though, it had cruise control! The bike was fun, but not as exciting as the Ducati Scrambler.

The shop which we rented the bike from also has the Yamaha FZ08. Definitely going to rent her sometime in the near future.