Catching the sunset with Tania

Written by Nature, Tania, Video

Tania and I took a trip down to Dun-Well donuts to pick up 1/2 a dozen doughnuts and some iced coffee. It turns out I have never been there with her together. I have gone with both Felix and Ming, and even remember bringing Tania some to try as well. After the purchase we thought it would be nice to drive to Rockaway Park. We started at the southern most tip and drove north.

We stopped somewhere in the middle of Rockaway to eat the remaining donuts which haven’t made their way into my tummy yet. The park was nice, but the wind and setting sun gave us a bit of a chill so we thought we should head to Fort Totten park (since it’s a bit closer to home). The sunset there was just breathtaking, and Fort Totten itself had a lot of history to offer. We arrived a bit late, but still got to catch the sunset as well as tour the grounds of the park.