We almost won – 2015 Fall NYUrban D1 Volleyball

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I decided to walk to the Brearley high school fieldhouse and snap some pictures along the way. I haven’t been shooting much in the past few weeks and I thought the gap between leaving work and the semifinal match was perfect to get a few snaps. I walked primarily on the east side and tried to shoot things I haven’t shot before. I was quite excited to see that the 2nd avenue subway is almost done. Looks like it will be the “Q” Train and it will run from 96th Street all the way to Coney Island. This is great because I will be able to catch the subway on 86th street and make my way down to Times Square (instead of walking 3 avenues to the 4,5,6 train line).

Now on to volleyball. We came into the playoffs as the third team, and were scheduled to play #2 at 8pm. We won that game in two sets and then lost the finals in 3 sets. I feel we played well. We entered into D1 quite shaky and finished relatively strong. Below is the footage from the finals:

Finals (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3)