Dec 2015 Hofstra VBLI tournament

Written by Friends, Video, Volleyball

Carl set up a volleyball team to play in a VBLI tournament. It consisted of Hunter College alumni, his brother, and two more players. We were supposed to have two more defensive specialist players, but they could not make it. Fortunately, we will probably be playing together somewhere in the near future. Considering the facts that we had never previously played together, didn’t have our defensive specialists, and competed against good teams we did relatively well. We were a little shaky on passing, but that’s something we can improve on with practice and with more time together on the court. I recorded all our games on the Canon G16, and even though we didn’t make the finals I thought I should record that game as well.

It was good seeing Marcin, Braien and Carl again. We haven’t played together for a few years now. Here’s a breakdown of how the games went:

Game 1 (Set 1, Set 2)

Game 2 (Set 1, Set 2)

Game 3 (Set 1, Set 2)

Semifinals (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3A, Set 3B)

Finals (Set 1, Set 2)