Side Out Sports Volleyball Tournament

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Ah man, what a great tournament! I met up with a few guys to head over to SideOutSports in NJ for a fun packed volleyball tournament. I feel like I always say this in my volleyball posts, but this was my first time playing together with these guys (Lorenzo, Mikheil, Luis, Juan Carlos, Raul, and Wojtek). We didn’t win, so I don’t have a team picture, but the talent was definitely present on the team. Raul pulled his back during warm-ups and had to sit out the entire tournament. This meant I got to play back row defense. I think I did well (considering I am a middle). I mean, I am trying to transition into being an outside, and passing is something I need to work on. This was a cash tournament and we lost in the semi-final round. Nonetheless, we had a blast playing together. Luis, Raul, Jean Carlos and I stayed to watch the final game.

Some short clips from the final match:

I also took some burst shots which I later converted to GIFs. Luckily the G16 captures really quick burst shots. Here are some I took (They might take a while to load – be patient!) :

Of course, no post is complete without a few pictures of the event!