The Gift

Written by Tania

After all the work this weekend, Tania and I decided to take it easy on Sunday. It was a perfect day out so we decided to head outside and have a fun day. We took the 7 train over 52nd street and walked via Queens Boulevard over to United Artists Kaufman Astoria movie theater. On the way there we stopped for some ice cream and water.

I took some interesting shots of Tania on the way to the theater. I tried to incorporate her into the surrounding environment. Then we watched “The Gift” and afterwards walked to Long Island City to take a stroll on the pier. What a great time!

I love the featured image of her. It took a couple of tries to get it right, but after about 5 minutes we got the shot. I didn’t even realize that there was a scull in the graffiti behind her until I looked at the image on my computer. The shot was taken with my Canon Powershot G16 in Astoria (just about a block away from the movie theater).