Okay? Android Game Completed!

Written by Leisure / General

I downloaded an Android game named “Okay?” about a week ago. It is very addicting and I play it on my way to and from work/volleyball. Today I have completed it, all 100 levels of it. The game is played by hitting white blocks with a single ‘throw’ of a ball. After beating the 10th or so level the game promoted me with a messaged asking to make a donation based on how much I liked it. The game was completely free and the creator called this donation an “experiment”. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t donate a cent, but I am sure there are some players who donated a hefty amount.

I beat the game after I cam home from and NY Urban volleyball match. My volleyball match was as at Louis D Brandeis High School, and upon entering I saw an interesting landmark building towering over neighboring apartment buildings. It’s called “The Beresford” and is located between 81st and 82nd streets on Central Park West.