Office party for Teanna

Written by Friends

I’ll just start by saying I never realized how huge I am.

Teanna and I have been working under the same roof for quite some time now. I have even assisted her on some shoots in the past.

I’ve had restaurant staff dinners during Christmas in the past, but last Christmas the party was held indoors as well. I feel the indoor party was really great. I won’t go into detail but I’ll just say I had 2 bottles of cider all to myself. Today we celebrated Teanna’s birthday. We all pitched in with snacks and took time off after the work day to watch me eat majority of them. I think this was the first party where Boe (charming office dog) joined us. It was a blast!

We’ve already had a few birthday fiestas and Joe’s bash is coming up next! I love Boe’s expression in the featured pic. Let’s just ignore my hover hand!

I left work and decided to walk uptown. Instead of taking the train home I hopped on the Q32 bus and took it to Queens.