A pleasant pizza experience

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I had the day off today and stayed home for the most part. I did some chores, and for lunch decided to pick up some pizza. I walked over to Thomas Pizza and ordered a few plain slices. This doesn’t happen much, but I felt the young man who attended to me was very pleasant. I have been to this pizzeria before and usually see an older gentleman,but this time the counter person was much younger. I think he was the son (or family relative of the owner) and this might explain why he was so pleasant. I asked about the grandma slice and something about his response just seemed genuine. Sort of like he made the pie himself. Ah, the pros of a family business.

I would say the pizza is above average, and the slices a little thicker (just the way I like it). Below is the address if anyone wants a slice:

Thomas Pizza
83-8 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372