Hanging with the Boys at Brooklyn Museum

Written by Friends, Video

I fell in love with kicks in High School. It started with a fake pair of Air Jordan VII and Air Jordan XIII. I wore the 13s and traded the 7’s for an authentic pair of Air Jordan I (I informed the other person that they weren’t authentic, but he was okay with it). I loved sneakers so much that I spent hundreds on them, slept outside for them, wrote for one of the top sneaker blogs, and invested countless hours reading about them. This is probably what kept me close with some of my high school friends. It’s something we all kept in common.

I invited Arif and Devon for an outing after learning that the Brooklyn Museum had an exhibit on the sneaker culture. We met up after work to see the display.

To be honest I have never seen that many people on a single exhibit in Brooklyn Museum. I felt like everyone was there to check out the exhibit. To be honest I have been out of the game for a while and couldn’t even make out if Arif was wearing a pair of 11s or 10s (I honestly had to think about it). Unlike me Devon seemed to still be sharp (or maybe that was because of his connection with Nike Town) and was even able to spot an error in the exhibit. Apparently the shoe they had representing the Flyknit Racer wasn the Flyknit Lunar. With all the different models out, I don’t think I could have been able to spot that.

Overall the exhibit was great. They had every numbered Air Jordan ever created (not in every colorway of course!), and a lot of other exclusives. We decided to check out the rest of the museum too. Apparently Swiss Beatz had the 3rd floor packed as he was playing live “on the ones and twos”. I was also shocked to see that the Dinner Party” exhibit I went to with Tania in 2011 was still there. I thought they cycled through exhibits much more frequently. I’m glad the self playing piano is still there

We wrapped up the night by picking up some ice cream and food (in that order). It’s always good meeting up with these two.