NCAA DIII Volleyball Championship at Stevens Tech

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There was a first, then a second, a third, and now the fourth NCAA championship. This one was held at Stevens Institute of Technology so Tania and I managed to make it every single game.

We watched four games on Friday, two on Saturday, and the one championship match on Sunday.

After arriving in Hoboken I recalled Chris Newcomb telling me he worked in the neighbourhood. I decided to give him a call to see if we could meet. Luckily, he was in the area and we caught up before heading to Stevens.

I recorded the first 4 sets of the Stevens/New Paltz game. The game went to 5 sets and was very entertaining to watch. (Camera battery died in 5th set)

Springfield (#2) was set to play Stevens (#1) on Sunday for the DIII title. Stevens swept the pride in 3 sets. Here’s their winning moment:

My Thoughts:
Stevens played phenomenally well (especially against Springfield). They managed to stop Greg Woods who had a mind blowing 28 kills (.610 PCT) in the the semi-final game against Nazareth, and Ricardo Padilla Ayala who is Tania’s new crush (because of his amazing serves). Stevens managed to dig many key hits from Springfield’s offence. There wasn’t a moment where I thought Stevens didn’t have it together, and that is what landed them their first NCAA Division III National title. Go Ducks!