Driving around with Felix in the rain

Written by Friends, Photography

I tried helping Felix fix his computer the other day, but was unsuccessful. I helped him narrow the problem, but didn’t have the part to replace it. I loaned him some parts (screwdrivers, flash drive, cds) and met up with him to get them back today. He decided we should take a drive somewhere and I was up for it.

I decided we should stop by Dun-Well Doughnuts. One of my co-workers brought them in the other day and they were to die for. We drove over to Brooklyn to have a bit for ourselves. Throughout the drive we experienced rainy weather which occasionally slowed to a drizzle and then picked up again. I found it cozy.

The rain left drops of water on the windshield. I found this interesting since focusing on the windshield produced interesting ‘bokeh’ balls in the background.