New Life Now – Volleyball Tournament

Written by Volleyball

Brendan invited me to play in a volleyball tournament during a New Life Now gathering. I had not known any details about the tournament until I had arrived on the scene. Of course Brendan showed up late for the morning announcements, but made it in time for the first game.

The tournament was fun. We ended up in 4th place (from what I remember). I enjoyed playing altogether, but the sun was very warm towards the later part of the day. As we played our last game I almost hoped we wouldn’t make it into the next round.

These images were snapped by the New Life Now event staff at the tournament. Brendan emailed them to me and I thought they were great. After some minor color enhancements and cropping I decided to post them. The blocker in the featured image (above) reminded me of the “Creation of Adam” painting. Though there are many theories on the painting, I will now attempt to connect it to the original picture from the tournament.

I hit the ball so well that the blocker, rather than attempting to block the hit, strived to reach for it in an attempt to obtain some of its mighty powers. Since his finger never touched the ball we can see that the ball is superior to his finger. It was at that moment he was given his New Life (Now). Da-dum ching.