Skateboarding Dew Tour in Brooklyn, NYC

Written by Tania, Video

Tania and I began our workout sessions at Blink Fitness 2 days ago. We woke up early today to be at the gym by 7am. After the workout I headed to work and Tania headed to buy her mom a birthday present. Tania had some reading to do afterwards and I decided it would be great if we met up to do some productive work together. We met around 3pm and decided to drive towards the Verrazano Bridge. Once we saw traffic on the B.Q.E. I decided that we should take the next exit and maybe change our destination.

Felix had showed me a park not too far from where I photographed his new car. It was only twenty or so minutes away from where we were and Tania was okay with checking it out. As we got about five blocks away from the park we noticed traffic had increased and there was a road closure. It was then we noticed a huge “Dew Tour” board ahead of us. I was immediately excited and had to take a look. Back in June 2008 I went to a Red Bull event held in Central Park in which Kevin Robinson attempted and succeeded in breaking the BMX High Air World Record. I probably had 10+ Red Bulls that event and told myself I would stay away from the junk this time.

The event was centred around Skateboarding, and there were two courses inside. There was a streetstyle course on Franklin Street and a “House of Vans” set inside. Since the skateboarding was happening inside we decided to stay where it was less crowded and watch some Dew Tour BMX riders. I could have stayed there all day, but Tania didn’t find the event as entertaining as I did. So we got some free ice cream and headed towards East River State Park (adjacent to Bushwick Inlet Park). We found a spot to sit by the East River and enjoyed the sunset together.

We took local roads back into Queens, and decided to stop for a quick bite before heading home. After “pulling out the yelp app” we decided to stop by Manducatis Rustica for some pizza. Note to self: Anchovies and pizza aren’t the best mix.