If it weren’t for great people like you…

Written by Photography

I had a client at work walk in today to give me this card. She had originally mailed it to me but it was returned to them. So she decided to personally give it to me. We photographed their wedding quite a while a go and they decided to have their casual shoot done after the wedding. The card was to thank me for a great shoot.

Throughout the shoot I talked a bit of tech with the groom. He works for a very prominent company and gave me some pointers on what to focus on and what the current hot trends were. The shoot was extensive since they changed outfits and had lunch at the studio. Nevertheless, we managed to get some great shots in. I emailed the groom (since his email was on the card) to thank them for their gift and assure them that I also had a good time during the shoot as well. I told them I looked forward to meeting them again (they have a 2nd shoot planned).