Shooting some kicks

Written by Friends, Photography

I met up with Arif and Devon to take some quick pictures of some kicks. We drove down to the Marina since I thought it would be ideal to get some cool out of focus shots.

The flint 13’s were my first pair of Jordans. I purchased them along with the Olympic 7’s back in high school (sophomore year). Unfortunately, at the time of purchase I was unaware that unauthentic Jordans existed and fell into a trap. I remember paying $160 for both pairs. I ended up wearing out the 13’s and trading the 7’s for a pair of black/gold ones (which I still have).

I always liked the 13’s for some reason. They were inspired by a panther. They featured paw print soles and had the well known hologram on the midsole.

I decided to use the 50mm 1.4 for its shallow depth of field. Blurring the background brings more attention to the shoe and hides all the distractions in the background. I also had the unique idea of hanging the champagne Air Jordan VI from the trunk of Arif’s car. I love the way the green color contrasts against the red background.