Powerzone volleyball tournament

Written by Friends, Video, Volleyball

Nino invited me to go play in a tournament with some of the guys. We met up around 6:45am at 74th street and then headed over to NJ for some volleyball matches. The ride took about 1 hour.

Upon arrival I saw a lot of familiar faces. I met both of my previous coaches (Ray and Elvis), and some players (Stanley, Braien, Colin, …).

The tournament was fun. We lost each game by a mere 2 to 5 points. Unfortunately, we were not able to make it out of pool play and into the playoffs. Nonetheless it was fun. Nino, his sister, her boyfriend, along with Alex and myself stayed to watch the semifinals and finals. Alex didn’t see much of the last games since he passed out.

Kudos to Alisa for snapping some clips of us while we were playing. Similarly to what I did for the NCAA tournament, I tried to edit the videos rather than uploading tons of them.