I met Brendan Stanton! – Humans of New York

Written by Leisure / General, Video

He goes by the name of Brendan Stanton. A photographer who started the ‘Humans of New York’ series crashed my wedding portrait session at work. I was shocked to see him since most of the time he seems to be strolling around the streets of Manhattan. He casually approached us and without asking began photographing the bridal party. I have to admit he was very smooth about it. Even with Carlo was trying to push him away he still managed to get a good shot. I walked into work the following day and saw the picture on his website.

I also met an old friend from high school at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. She was part of the catering staff. I managed the her volleyball team back in the day. I’ll definitely be sure she stops by me first during cocktail hour with some munchies.