Shopping for video equipment

Written by Photography

I recently videotaped a wedding in Philadelphia and am now seeing the opportunity to videotape more events. I’ve done some in the past, but this job in Philly was more organized and official. Unfortunately, our studio found out about it within a short period of time and I therefore had to do with the equipment I had. I saw a 5 minuite recap of my footage and it turned out great. With some smooth video editing I can confidently say I almost passed as a pro. I worked with one camera, but still managed to get some creative clips in.

I have the opportunity to videotape some more events for my boss and one of his colleagues. I decided to purchase a proper microphone this time and get some more SD cards. I headed to BandH early this morning and purchased what I needed before heading to work. The shoots are a couple of weeks away, but I figured its better to get the equipment early and experiment with it a bit before heading to the job. I grabbed the Rode Shotgun Videomic Pro, rechargeable 9V batteries, an L shaped bracket and 2 Sandisk 32GB Extreme Pro cards.

I would say that I now have the basic necessities (if not a bit extra) to videotape a full scale wedding.