An interesting trip home

Written by Leisure / General, Video, Volleyball

After another day of work from my boss’ house I took the bus home yet again. This ride was unlike any other before it. Upon picking me up the bus driver informed me that he was going to main street. That was fine since that was the stop I was supposed to get off anyway. After entering I noticed that the bus was empty. The other strange thing was the bus driver did not stop to pick up any other passengers. As we arrived to Main Street I thanked him for the ride and told him it was nice to have the private bus ride. The bus conductor then chuckled.

I got off the bus and remembered that Stanley had invited me to go watch a volleyball game against Springfield college. The game began at 6pm and I had more than enough time to watch it before heading to the gym with Devon. I arrived just in time. The first set was under way and the Hawks lost it. They lost the second set as well, but had a turn of events during the 3rd set as Stan-the-man-with-the-plan served two consecutive aces. This helped them to win the 3rd set. Nino did pretty well him self by ending the set with some great hits from the outside. They took the 3rd set from Springfield, but lost the 4th. It was great to see the guys playing after being a part of the team. There is a lot of new potential and it will be interesting to see how they progress throughout the season. As I sat I recalled my high school days attending Hunter College to watch the great players before me.

It’s very different watching the game from the bleachers after playing it. Things appear different to me; emotions are more evident and decisions are easier to judge. One thing which hasn’t changed was the thrill of watching the guys get a great block or a stellar hit. I took a picture of the season’s schedule and hope to refuel my volleyball charge with some upcoming home games.