Going to work in the winter

Written by Leisure / General, Video

I headed to my boss’ house to get some work done. He slipped on the ice a couple of weeks ago and has been in a cast ever since. It has been a bit difficult for him to come into the city so I spent some time at his home. Thanks to some software (Teamviewer) we managed to work from his house as though we were in the city.

I decided to take my point and shoot out today to capture some footage of the falling snow. On my way to work it was light and still in its developmental phase, but as the day progressed I slowly watched the snow develop. It’s coming down with great volume and therefore is clean and white. The only downside was that the buses were running a bit slower so I had to walk to the train station from his house. Otherwise I can’t complain.

I snapped some images of cars, the transit system and open streets after a few inches of snow. I also started playing with OpenShot (a video editor) in Ubuntu and might use it more often for my video posts. I love how my return trip home (second half of the video) looks like a clip from an apocalypse.