Reconnecting with friends

Written by Friends, Video

Started off the new year by meeting with Devon and Omar. I arrived at Omar’s office at around 6:30pm and reconnected until Devon arrived there. We talked about highschool, photography, the gym, bitcoin and a lot more. It was good to see my old friend again. Devon and I were intending to discuss about a possible computer program to order sneakers on the fly. He recommended to meet at Omar’s place and I agreed.

Devon arrived at around 8pm and I helped him to photograph some sneakers to sell on Ebay and some online sneaker Forums. We then discussed about the sneaker ordering program which I will try to work on within the next few weeks. Not sure how it will turn out but I will at least attempt it.
Afterwards we just had some good conversations about the universe, the brain, and what matters to us.

They tried to share a video with me but forgot to check the see if the speakers was on prior to playing it. I guess it’s a good thing none of us pursued working in an airport.

It was good to hear that they were both trying to get serious about their health and working out. Omar even had some equipment in the office to work out with. Cant wait to hang out with them again.