Know your gear

Written by Photography

I’ve had the Canon 580 EXII for quite some time now and never bothered to learn all of its features.

While playing with my gear today I decided I would figure out the ‘Multi’ mode on the flash. I am quite familiar with the full manual and the ETTL modes but never used the Multi mode since no other photographer bothered to use it.

The three things I noticed were the usual flash power setting (1/32 in this case), number of flashes during exposure (2 in this case), and the frequency of flashes (4Hz in this case).

Let’s break it down:
4Hz refers to the rate at which the flashes occur (4 per second).
2 refers to how many flashes should occur.
1/32 refers to the power of each flash burst.

One important thing to keep in mind is the shutter speed. If the rate is set to 4Hz and you want 2 flashes to occur then the shutter speed must be at least 0.5sec.
(Number of flashes / Firing rate = Minimum shutter speed)

With this in mind I will try to create some cool effects during reception dancing photos. Who knows? This could be the start of a brand new trend.