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As I boarded the train to go to work today I realized that I left my cell phone at home. I found myself reaching with my right hand into emptiness quite a lot. I emailed Tania while at work to confirm our 7:00pm NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Semifinal match date at her house. I decided to stop by my apartment before heading to her place in order to check up on my phone and take care of some house work. I found the usual miss calls, some spam, and this:

Hello John
My name is Elizabeth, I’m a pastor at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Costa Mesa, California. I ran across your photograph on line and would like to seek “permission” to use it on our website – we’d give you full credit on our website as well. if there is a cost involved, I’d like to discover what that would be. The imagery you’ve captured speaks to the heart of some of the things we’ll be reflecting on during our Epiphany season: January – February.

Could you please contact me as soon as is convenient with you? I’d appreciate it. I’d like to use it for our “season reflection” page starting December 26th if possible.

Holy Trinity’s website so you can check us out:


I’ve included our web/tech guy – Joe Randeen – in the cc if there are any technical questions that you’d like to ask, he’s your man.
Thanks for your consideration – love your work!

A great feeling rushed through me. I checked out their webpage and really appreciated their mission. I quickly replied, provided them with the photograph, and am awaiting to see where on the site the image will be used.

This was the image they were after.