Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Written by Friends

I went with Felix and some of his friends to catch an evening Nets vs Clippers game. He printed the tickets and we then took the G train down to Fulton Street. I’ve been to a baseball game in the past, but this was my first NBA game.

The Brooklyn Nets were facing the Los Angeles Clippers. We arrived about three minutes into the first quarter. Apparently, we missed an ankle breaker by Chris Paul, but can’t complain since the tickets were only $19. As the game started I didn’t really care who won, but towards halftime I was expecting to see a comeback from the Clippers since they were trailing by about 16 points.

It was great to see Paul Pierce, Blake griffin Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul, coach Doc Rivers, and even Kevin Garnett. I’d say the game looks a lot slower paced from arena. I feel that televised version is a bit faster. Maybe this is due to the camera movement. Nonetheless I really liked the Barclays center. Except from being scared scooting into my seat (since seats in our section had narrow isles and were vertically stacked at a steep angle) I enjoyed the game a lot.