The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Written by Tania, Video

Year after year Tania quickly dives into the spirit of Christmas, and what better way to get her started than to watch the The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I purchased two tickets from TDF with my mom’s help and thought it would be a great early Christmas gift for Tania.

We met up after work and headed to the box office to pick up our tickets. We then made our way to Applebee’s for some dinner. Since we both ordered something from the health conscious section, we had no guilt topping the food off with some sweets from Au Bon Pain (emphasis on the french pronunciation).

The Christmas Spectacular began around 8pm and lasted for quite some time. There were many different scenes, and frankly speaking there is something in the show for everyone. 3D scenes, radio controlled snowflakes, changing stage platforms, video games, awesome lighting were just a few of the things which kept me intrigued. Most importantly I loved glancing over at Tania to see how strongly glued to the show she was.

After an hour and a half or so the show ended with the exit doors to the sidewalk being opened. A strong breeze of cold air took everyone out of this beautiful fantasy and back into reality. We hopped back on the M train towards Queens and arrived at our station faster than I imagined. As we walked up from the train platform I thought it would be cool to snap some images with strangers in subway advertisements. As we walked home giggling, I felt joy from seeing the show with her. Though she probably enjoyed the ‘Christmas spirit’ element more, I would say the technical aspect of how well the show was put together (choreography, audio, lighting), along with seeing her so happy was what made it for me.