Kean University Volleyball Trounament

Written by Friends, Tania, Volleyball

Tania, Ming and I drove over to Kean university to watch the Hawks play in a preseason tournament. We met up around 8:15am and were in Kean by 9am. instead of taking the bus (as originally planned), Ming was nice enough to offer Tania and I a ride to the campus. Shortly after arriving and greeting everyone, I was given the opportunity to put on a pair of shorts, a shirt and join in on the action. I couldn’t resist.

With all the training I’ve been doing, I would say I was probably in the best preseason shape I have ever been in. After warming up I quickly picked up pace and continued where I left off a couple of years a go. It was good to see that I still knew how to play the game. Of course there was a lot I needed to sharpen on even from back then, but good to know that even the bad habits still stuck with me.

Most importantly it was great to see that everyone got along on the team without any quarrelling. The new players have a lot of great potential and work well with the existing players from previous seasons. Though we had a very stacked team for the NCAA playoffs a couple of years ago, I feel that many of these guys (existing and new), can recreate a similar bond to the one we held back then.

Kean, Baruch and Rutgers were also putting up a good fight. I’m really anxious to see how their seasons play out and find out who makes it to this years NCAA playoffs. It seems that Kean’s gym was recently renovated and with its close proximity to NYC I’m hoping that the NCAAs will be held there this year (fingers crossed).