Getting connected

Written by Tania

After being with Tania for a little over 4 years, its fair to say we’ve been through a lot. Loads of ups and some downs as well. There were a few laughable ones along with some that were a little more serious. Since I wasn’t brought up in a big family I never really had a strong unity with relatives, a typical family dinner for holidays, or the any of the connectivity which came with it.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I have recently been trying to get more connected with whatever family I do have. I’ve tried to help my mom out a bit more around the house, and become more connected with her as a whole. Similarly, I’m trying to do the same with Tania’s family.

I accompanied Tania to her sister’s house to deliver some prescriptions. We stayed over for a little while and shared some of my videos and blog posts with them. It was good to have us all laughing together and enjoying each others’ company. I also reminded them about a shoot which we (Tania and I) promised them when they got married. I told them that since the winter was approaching it would be cool to do a shoot in the snow in a park somewhere. I’m looking forward to it and hope they are too.

It’s the little things that matter. Listening to each other, being there for one another, communication and trust are all essential factors in keeping a healthy relationship. I unfortunately have taken some of these things for granted in the past and am trying to correct myself for the future. It’s difficult. I keep recalling mistakes I’ve made and keep asking why I made them, but change is on the way.