Indian Bridal Show

Written by Leisure / General, Video

I woke up bright and early after a long day with Tania and had to get ready for work. Luckily my boss was picking me up from my house so I got a little more sleep.

We drove over to NJ and had breakfast at a diner. I had some more chocolate chip pancakes and some toast for breakfast. (That’s it. I am eating clean from here onwards). We then drove down to the Sheraton in Parsippany to set up our booth. The show started at 12pm and we had some time to hang out before it began. I sat from my seat and snapped some images thinking of what went through the attendees minds as they were here. There was so much to choose from. Plenty decorators, photographers, DJs, and even caterers.

I thought of all the things a to-be newly wed couple needed to go through to make their wedding day the way they wanted it to be. The show ended at around 5pm and my boss drove to treat me to some Indian food. There was so much to go around so he asked if I could take the remainder of the food home. I was too full to finish any at the moment, but could not reject the offer of taking some yummy food home. I also thought it would be nice to bring something home for Tania and my mom.

I dropped the real food at my apartment and then walked over to meet up with Tania to give her some ‘Indian food’. She is very picky and selective but exploded in joy when she found out it was a desert.