Picked mom up from work

Written by Mom

Its been a while since I have done anything for my mom, so I decided to join her from work when she suggested it. I picked her up around 5:30pm and we made our way towards the 59th street bridge. I thought it would help clear my mind if we walked rather than take the train, and to some point it did. We walked towards the east side and sat by the park overlooking Roosevelt Island. It was a bit chilly, but the company kept me warm. We talked for a bit and then headed south.

It took us quite some time to reach the 59th street Bridge seeing as to how there were construction projects along the walkway. I’m proud of my mom actually making it all the way home. There were times when she suggested to take the train and I tried to convince her that she can make it all the way. I’m sure she was quite exhausted when she got home but she did not show it much.