Google Street View Car in Jackson Heights New York

Written by Leisure / General

I spotted a Google Street View car trying to hid in the bushes. Silly Google. I was quite shocked to see this guy parked in Jackson Heights. Not even knowing the mileage it seems this car has had quite the beating. But what can you expect from a car driving all the way from California? Whoever is driving it has quite the job if you ask me. I could only imagine what it must be like to drive around the United States, visiting different states and getting paid for it. Plus who needs a Lamborghini of a Ferrari? I’m sure this thing makes more pedestrians turn heads than an exotic car anyway.

Seeing this guy makes me wonder how often Google updates is streets on Maps. Or how much of all roads has Google covered? Whatever the answer may be, you certainly can see they are trying. I see your spare tire, busted door, and scratches on the body. You keep rolling little fella!