Silly Faces

Written by Tania, Video

Tania and I had some fun playing volleyball yesterday at a park near Laguardia Airport. That’s where the silly faces began. Tania started complaining about how the bump pass was hurting her forearms. This video was born shortly after:

There was a different version of the video where the screaming kid in the background was peeing on the tree next to him, but Tania deleted it for “privacy reasons”. We then rode of to Astoria park via way of bikes. It didn’t take too long and the weather was perfect so I didn’t sweat much. Tania on the other had was slightly sweaty from the anxiety of riding the bike. We watched some passing boats for about half an hour and then headed home. I received sweaty kiss goodbye and then went home to drop my bike off.

Today was the day we were to use my Groupon Subway discount. We drove all the way to Jamaica to pick up the sandwiches and then headed towards LIC to eat them. After the meal we took a couple more silly pictures. Ofcourse, I had to take a posed picture as well.