Bodybuilding update – Month 7 complete

Written by Fitness / Bodybuilding

Month 7 is done. Seems like the months are flying by now. The strange part is my body is not progressing at a rate at which it used to during the first couple of months, but the good part is that I am still progressing.

I have gone off my whey protein supplement and only use it when I have to. I am also seeing a lot more progress during my workouts now since I work out without a shirt (due to hot weather). One stagnant item which seems to not progress is my weight. I have only gained 4 lbs since February. The strange part is that there were times during July where I was 205+ lbs, but I keep dropping down to 200. I feel that if ingest more food then I might be able to tackle that issue.

In terms of the workout. I have made my first set equivalent to my previous second set. Meaning, my first set is now 15 reps and the weight of my previously second set (for each workout). This means my 4th set for some workouts is a bit heavier than what I was previously doing. Also I am on a 15/12/10/8 rep routine rather than a 20/15/12/10. So far it’s been working pretty well.Otherwise I am pretty happy with my progress thus far and I’m looking forward to competing the year strongly. 5 months to go!

– Left – 15″
– Right – 14 5/8″
– Left – 12 7/8″
– Right – 12 5/8″
– Left – 24″
– Right – 24″
– Left – 16 4/8″
– Right – 15 6/8″
– 49″
– 40″
– 32 5/8″
– 200.2 lbs