Clean eating

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I’ve been trying to eat healthy food for the past couple of weeks. For the most part I have been pretty good, but the temptations kick in when I am at work. Though weddings have their ups, there are quite some downs. I begin the wedding work day at around 9 or 10am. I am fine till the afternoon, but then I get tempted when dinner comes around. So much good tasty food. Of course there is usually salad and fruits, but who wants that after an entire day of running around. I’ve managed to keep disciplined with drinks. I used to drink cola on a regular basis, but have now switched over to club soda with lime. Much more refreshing if you ask me. I also try to bring a gallon of water for some weddings.

My biggest problem without a doubt is food thought. A room filled with Viennese dessert, chocolate fountains, countless slices of cake and Indian treats is a killer. I was thinking of bringing along some protein bars as a substitute, but I realized they are just as bad (high in sodium, saturated and trans fats). While at home I have been satisfying the cravings with smoothies and juices. I need to find a substitute for wedding food, and fast (considering June is jam packed with weddings & events).