Winter storm Nemo

Written by Nature, Photography

After I returned from work last night I had to check on both buildings I take care of on the weekends (since my super left for Turkey). Luckily, someone had shoveled the 74th street building as well as my building (83rd street). I just had to lay some salt to ensure the bottom layer does not turn into ice overnight.

I shoveled a bit in the morning and collected the garbage from both buildings. I returned home around 12pm and found myself bored. After thinking about the winter posts from previous years, I decided to head out and photograph some of the snow. Since I have done a lot of shooting in Jackson Heights, I decided to travel via the MTA to Flushing Meadows Park.

I got off the train on 111 street and headed towards the Queens Science Museum. I decided to shoot in this area since there is a lot of empty playground and I thought there would be a lot of clean snow. I actually missed the feeling of walking with my camera. I was a bit lazy at first (since I was on the computer), but then managed to convince myself of the positives of shooting on such a great day.

I took my 18-135mm as well as my 50mm (not sure why) lenses. I shot primarily with the 18-135 lens. For a chance I also decided to take it off manual mode. I shot on aperture priority and allowed the camera to take care of the exposure by automatically adjusting the shutter speed. Since it was a bright day, I decided to shoot on ISO 200 with a color temperature of 4200K.

It was great to see kids playing in the snow along with their families. Something about the snow is really refreshing. I also enjoyed the wind blowing snow off the branches of trees. This brought a fresh scent to the air while the clean snow brushed against my face. The default picture shows this effect. You can see the snow blowing through the frame as the sun shines through the branches. A refreshing effect. Luckily, I managed to photograph the path clear of people. Usually this path in the park is filled with people, but I guess they kept away since it was snowing.

I took the subway back form Willets Point Shea Stadium and proceeded to complete my last workout of the 2nd month.